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Art and PhotoArtistry


My name is Denny and I have worked on art all of my life. It has always just been a hobby to me though and that is really all that I need from it. I used to work portraits in oils. I would pick up a brush and be lost for hours in my painting. Then I discovered digital art and spent several years working in digital off and on. Not more than a novice in Photoshop, I still loved creating art. I also dabbled a little in photography. Again, not more than a novice, I have a lot to learn yet.

Last year I discovered an online photo art course by Sebastion Michaels called PhotoShop Artistry. It is amazing.

I have learned so much and I am still learning. So now I will be adding a lot of photo compositions as I progress.

We will see how it goes. I am also taking a black and white photography class from Sebastion.

We will see how that goes too.